About HALO

Halo2Cloud is a team of people dedicated to developing products to make people's lives easier. You can find our innovative consumer electronics at home and at work, doing everything from making it safer and more convenient to talk on the phone while you're driving to opening up the world of cloud computing with a range of advanced cloud-enabled devices.

Consumer Electronics

We believe that many of the day's little problems can be solved with technology! We cast our net wide when we're thinking about what we can innovate next. From the wine cabinet to the car, and from the pool to the office, our products help you save time and make every day tasks more convenient.

Our Power Shake™ Portable Multi Device Charger frees you from arbitrary device chargers - with just the Power Shake™, you can charge everything from your smart phone to your portable gaming device, and more! Or, our HALO Digital Wine Preserver will help you keep your bottles of red and white wine fresher, longer with its automatic vacuum pump and digital temperature display. Those are just two of our products! See our entire line of consumer electronics here.

Cloud Technology

You have probably heard of the "cloud" - and you might not be sure exactly what it is. Well, even experts are confused! Imagine the "cloud" as a collection of computers connected together that all share data. Some of those computers are in the same facility, some are spread all around the world. If the power goes out or something goes wrong with one of the computers, there are many more to pick up the slack! So, there are never any interruptions and data is safely backed up in many locations.

Sure, Fortune 500 companies use "cloud" technology every day. We're convinced that the "cloud" should be put to good use for individuals, families, and small and medium businesses! That is why we invented our HALO products with cloud technology. Our products are specifically designed not to be confusing - our combination of affordable hardware and easy to use software put the power of the cloud into your hands!

The entire HALO family of products can be purchased on QVC and at QVC.com.